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The content on this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only. We focus on California law. Nothing on the website shall be construed to create an attorney-client relationship. Readers are responsible for obtaining legal advice from their own legal counsel.

The law firm of Rich Kitchens, Attorney at Law, offers the following services to its clients.

Keep up to date... The TeacherLaw News pages

Keep up to date on what is happening in California schools by linking to our constantly updated "TeacherLaw News" page. Less-frequently updated, but still intriguing, check out the "Recent Court cases" page. 

Legal Services and Advice

After an initial consultation that is free, we provide prompt and experienced legal counsel to clients on an hourly or contract basis. We represent clients in hearings before school panels, boards, and officers. We represent clients (parents, students, teachers, administrators) engaged in disciplinary or educational disputes. Also, estate planning leading to the development of wills and revocable living trusts is available. (See the "Wills and Trusts" page.)

Facilitation of Dispute Resolution in non-adversarial settings

As trained facilitators in the interest-based negotiation (Getting to Yes!) model, we have facilitated disputes between and among teachers, administrators, parents, students. We have also been active in labor-management negotiations and represented--at different times--both union and managment groups. Proper facilitation often can head off disputes that would otherwise grow into legal battles that become more costly, both emotionally as well as financially. 

Workshops and Presentations
Whether it is the training for administrators or teachers regarding sexual harassment and other forms of harassment endemic in school settings (see the "Harassment Prevention training" page), or training on interest-based negotiations, or curriculum training in "What Educators Want (and Need) to Know About the Law"--an annual update on legal matters delivered in an engaging style--we offer a multitude of opportunities to expand our knowledge horizon in the area of educational law.

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  • Education Law: Representation and consultation
  • Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts for single individuals and families
  • Public Sector Employment: Training for employees and employers, representation
  • Harassment: Prevention training and legal representation
  • Negotiation: Training, consulting, and legal epresentation
  • Personal Injury

Rich Kitchens    4418 Water Oak Ct.    Concord, CA. 94521    925-338-1858

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